Guacamole Ice Cream? Rosa Mexicano Has it

Rosa Mexicano is having their annual festival called “Flavors of Mexico,” but this year part of the festival is dedicated to ice cream. The festival runs through September 4th and for this year’s festival they have created guacamole ice cream (pictured above). The guacamole ice cream include strawberries, which replace peppers, and chopped mint, which replaces cilantro. One of the best parts about all this is that the guacamole ice cream is prepared table-side just like their real guacamole serving.

Regional Executive Chef in Miami, Chef David Sloane said the Ice Cream Festival at Rosa Mexicano is one of their most popular “Flavors of Mexico” offerings.”Every year we have the chance to create new and unique ice cream and sorbet flavors, featuring authentic Mexican ingredients.”

You can check out the guacamole ice cream for yourself starting Saturday, August 20 at 10 a.m. The current price is $30 and you’ll get a 3 course lunch served family-style (kids $15) and a cooking demo. Other plates included are a blood orange, carrot and mango sorbet sundae, as well as chocolate crepes with Mexican corn truffle ice cream, and Negra Modelo with candied bacon.

Make a reservation because space is limited. Both the Brickell and SoBe locations are participating in this special event.



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