Rolling Stove made USA Today’s Great Food Trucks List

The food truck movement is growing at a rapid pace. These days some of the best meals come from these food trucks. James Cunningham, host of Eat Street, a Cooking Channel show about street food couldn’t agree more. Cunningham says all of these food trucks are being run by chefs who have lost their jobs or restaurants during this recession. Social media also plays a huge part in this food truck movement, as it makes it easy to track down your favorite truck on Twitter and Facebook. Cunningham shared some of his favorite trucks, carts and vans with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY and a local Miami truck made the list.

The Rolling Stove is a popular food truck in Miami and it has something no other truck has: a wood-burning stove. People call it Miami’s best burger, but Cunningham has another favorite: Sloppy Jerk. The Sloppy Jerk is ground beef with caramelized onions with a ton of Jamaican-style jerk barbecue sauce. “The spice is so perfect; you taste the meat as opposed to all the spice,” Cunningham says.

You can check out the other great food trucks that made the list in the USA TODAY.

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