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Chef Michael Schwartz has finally opened his long awaited new restaurant, Harry’s Pizzeria. Harry’s Pizzeria is located in the design district two blocks from his Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink.

Harry’s Pizzeria is named after Michael Schwartz’s son and has a wood-burning oven and a bar stocked with local craft beers (Native Lager, Monk in the Trunk).

Harry’s Pizzeria serves seasonal, different thin-crust pizza.

For starters, we had the meatballs and homemade organic ricotta (pictured). The meatball starter comes with 3 meatballs and was amazing from the sauce to the meat they were just perfect. We then had the homemade organic ricotta with 2 slices of focaccia. The ricotta was rich, creamy, and just right. It was mixed with olive oil and you could definitely tell it was homemade. It was so good we would spread some of the ricotta on the meatballs and it was just amazing.


Harry’s Pizzeria has starters ranging from meatballs to polenta fries, along with some different type of salads.

Now onto the pizza. 

The pizzas are not your usual type of pizzas. The pizzas range from a classic margherita, to an oyster mushroom. We had the MGFD bacon (pictured), toped with cave-aged Gruyere, caramelized onions, bacon and fingerling.

The pizzas are the real stars of the show. The selection is so different and good, you will keep coming back to try each and every type of pizza. The pizzas are a decent size for you to split if you wanted to.

Prices are great: pies $11-$14, salads under $10 and beers $5. Check out the entire Harry’s Pizzeria menu here.

Desserts include a chocolate panna cotta and sugar-dusted zeppoles served hot with honey-whipped ricotta. Plus coffee from Wynwood’s Panther Coffee.

Overall, Harry’s Pizzeria is a great gourmet pizza joint from chef Michael Schwartz that is definitely worth the trip and will have you coming back for more.

Definitely check it out!

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