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So everyone has been talking about this new restaurant in Miami called Yardbird. I will admit even we added into the hype. So we knew we had to try it.

Finally last friday night, we went in for a taste.

Yardbird describes itself as”.…a down-to-earth joint that preaches the gospel of good food and good company.” Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is the new home to Miami’s own celeb chef, Jeff McInnis.

For starters, the decor and vibe of the restaurant is pretty much spot on. You feel like your in the South. You feel at home. The vibe is a vibe you don’t find at a lot of restaurants, but Yardbird had it.

The menu is pretty simple. It is divided into 3 sections : Small Shares, Big Shares, Sides to Share.

From the ‘Small Shares’ section, we had the Mama’s Chicken Biscuits, which is composed of Bell & Evans fried chicken, pepper jelly, housemade buttermilk biscuit.


These chicken biscuits were amazing. Everything about this dish taste homemade. The dish was simple and had all the perfect flavors, which made this one of our favorite things off the menu by far instantly. They come with two biscuits per order and after eating just one, you might just want one or two more.

We then went on to the ‘Big Shares’ menu, where we had Shrimp n’Grits, which is composed of Florida shrimp, crisp Edwards VA ham, Adluh stone ground grits, Highland Brewing Company, NC Gaelic Al.


Again, this dish was pretty epic. The grits were just perfect. The shrimp cooked to perfection. Everything about this dish worked. The only complaint about this dish is that isn’t big enough for two people. One person could easily eat this dish. Again, when you have some ‘Small Shares’ before, this dish would be just fine for two people, but the average person who just gets a ‘Big Shares’ plate to split with two people might be disappointed.

If you are going to Yardbird and just want to split one ‘Big Shares’ plate get the Llewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken, 1/2 Bell & Evans bird, “27-hour” recipe, with cheddar & chow chow waffle, spicy Tupelo honey and citrus pepper watermelon. This dish is definitely big enough to share for two people.

From the ‘Sides to Share’ section, we decided to try their Macaroni and Cheese, which is composed of torchio pasta, Grayson, VA cheese, crispy herb crust.

This side dish was definitely worth it. By far one of the best Macaroni and Cheeses I have had. From the first bite, you can tell this was made at the open kitchen right behind us. Nothing was frozen or pre-cooked somewhere else and just warmed up at the restaurant.

After all that amazing food, if you still got room for dessert, you should get some. All their desserts vary from day-to-day and are made by hand by Pastry Chef Peter Merrill. That night, they even had a bacon ice cream but we decided to have a red velvet cake with carrot sorbet.

Even though we didn’t have any more room for this, we ate it all. It was that good. It tasted as if it had just been made for “me.” Now you would think carrot sorbet would taste weird, but it didn’t. It was extremely good and again was made right in-house.

Yardbird also has a great craft beer and wine menu and includes some innovative signature cocktails. One of the more interesting cocktails on the menu is the Pork Chop cocktail, a citrusy based bourbon drink with a dash of Dijon mustard.

Yardbird has had many South Florida foodies going crazy to come in for a try and it did not disappoint.

Overall, Yardbird is amazing. It might just be one of our new favorite restaurants in South Florida. Everything about this place is homemade. The staff could not have been more friendly and well trained. Yardbird did not disappoint and is highly recommended for anyone wanting to try something NEW! Yardbird lives up to its name.

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