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Review : Blue Collar

Got 7 seconds? Looking for a new place to dine at in Miami? Then check out our 7 Second Restaurant Reviews. Every week, we bring you a brand new review from a Miami restaurant.

This week, we bring you Blue Collar in Miami.

Blue Collar might not be the fanciest of places, but it sure does have some awesome food.

What I love about Blue Collar, is that I know I can go there anytime and get a great meal no matter what I eat.

Blue Collar is a great local spot, where you get great food all the time period.

And if your thinking Blue Collar might be out of your price range think again!

Chef Daniel Serfer has more than a winner here in my book. Run to Blue Collar! Stop waiting.

For more information on Blue Collar, visit BlueCollarMiami.com.

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