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Review : The Broken Shaker

Got 7 seconds? Looking for a new place to dine at in Miami? Then check out our 7 Second Restaurant Reviews. Every week, we bring you a brand new review from a Miami restaurant.

This week, we bring you Miami’s first pop-up bar, The Broken Shaker.

The Broken Shaker comes to us from the guys over at Bar Lab. The Broken Shaker is located at the Indian Creek Hotel.

The Broken Shaker is a pop-up bar and won’t be here for long. Between the board games, outdoor area, amazing drinks, and awesome seating, The Broken Shaker is my favorite bar in Miami.

I will be so sad when it goes away. Let’s hope it stays around. Before it goes away though, you need to go NOW!

For more information on The Broken Shaker, click here.


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