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Celebrate Pisco Sour Day

Who doesn’t love a good Pisco Sour?

Celebrate Pisco Sour Day on February 6th with these recipes from SUSHISAMBA, GK Bistronomie and Novecento.

Chicha Sour Cocktail GK Bistronomie

Chicha Sour Cocktail at GK Bistronomie:

2 oz of Chicha infused la caravedo Pisco
1 oz of house made pineapple cinnamon syrup
1 oz fresh squeezed lime
1 egg white
Angostura bitters

Sesame Sour; SUSHISAMBA London, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, tel 020 3640 7330

1.5 oz. Hibiki 12YO Whisky
.75 oz. lemon juice
.75 oz. sugar syrup
1 tsp. toasted black sesame oil
black sesame seeds

1. Place all ingredients in a shaker and dry shake (no ice) for approximately 10 seconds or until the oil and egg white have emulsified completely
2. Add a large scoop of ice and re-shake
3. Double strain into rock glass with cubed ice
4. Garnish with a light dusting of black sesame seeds

Pisco Sour Novecento

Old School Pisco Sour at Novecento:
2 oz Pisco
1 oz Sour mix
¾ oz lime juice
½ oz egg white
½ oz simple syrup
Dash of angostura bitters

Pour all ingredients except angostura bitters into shaker with ice.

Add 3 drops of Angostura bitters on top.


Piripi’s Braised Pork Shoulder and Fabada Stew Recipe by Chef Angelina Bastidas

Braised Pork Shoulder with Fabada Stew & Lemon Confit from Chef Angelina Bastidas

5 Ib. Pork Shoulder
2 Yellow Onions (roughly chopped)
4 Carrots (roughly chopped)
3 Lemons (halved)
4 Oranges (halved)
1 Tbsp. Cumin
1 Bunch of Cilantro
1 Bunch of Parsley
Chicken Stock (to cover)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Fabada Stew (recipe below)

Before cooking, season pork shoulder with salt and pepper. Sear pork shoulder so juices remain in the pork while it is being braised. In the same pan, cook the onions and carrots so the pork flavor mixes in with the vegetables. In roasting pan, add pork and the rest of the ingredients, and cover with chicken stock. Cover with aluminum foil and cook in the oven for 3 to 4 hours at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Once pork is tender, remove half of the liquid and reduce for finishing sauce. Plate braised pork shoulder over fabada stew (recipe below) and top with lemon confit.

Fabada Stew

2 Ibs. Garbanzo Beans (hydrated and cooked)
1 cup Carrots (medium diced)
1 cup Celery (medium diced)
1 cup Idaho Potatoes (peeled and medium diced)
1 cup Yellow Onions (medium diced)
1 cup Bacon (smoked and medium diced)
1 ½ cup Morcilla (Blood Sausage)
1 cup Chorizo (grounded)
1 Bay Leaf
2 Tbsp. Cumin
3 Thyme Sprigs
1 Orange (zest to finish)
Pork Stock (to cover)
Salt to taste

In a pot start rendering bacon, chorizo and Morcilla. Add potatoes, carrots, celery and yellow onions, season with cumin and salt. Lastly, add the garbanzo beans and herbs. Cover with pork stock and cook on medium to low heat until a quarter of the liquid has reduced. Adjust seasoning to taste and finish with orange zest.


The Perfect Drink for Miami’s Winter Season

Local mixologist and founder of Alambiq, Freddy Diaz, has created the perfect drink for Miami’s Winter Season.

Freddy calls it Nieve Negra. This cocktail incorporates Mount Gay Black Barrel with Balsamic Vinegar and fig puree.

Want to make this at home? Check out the recipe below:

Nieve Negra

1 ½ oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel
½ oz. Lira Balsamic Vinegar
¼ oz. Lemon juice
¼ oz. Light agave
1 tsp. of Fig Puree (Boiron)
1 dash Orange Bitters

Shake lightly with ice, strain over large ice cubes in a large old fashioned glass, garnish with a flaming orange peel.


Recipe : Mexican Fried Chicken

  • Mix honey and vinegar in a bowl and add chicken. Toss to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours. Drain chicken pieces on paper towels and season with salt and pepper.
  • Heat 3 inches of oil in a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Oil should reach between 350°F and 375°F for frying.
  • Beat egg whites in a shallow dish. Combine cornmeal or breadcrumbs with flour, baking powder and spices.
  • Coat the chicken pieces in the egg whites then toss in the flour mixture. Fry in small batches, 12-14 minutes per batch, until deep golden and juices run clear. Season hot chicken with a little extra salt as they come out.
  • Serve with lime wedges, honey for drizzling and your favorite assortment of hot sauces. For a fresh accompaniment slice up a tomato, red onion and avocado and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Food Republic


Recipe : Yardbird Fried Chicken from Chef Jeff McInnis

For the chicken brine:
Place the water (not the ice water), sugar, salt, and all spices in a pot and bring to simmer over medium heat for 5-6 minutes. Whisk to ensure that spices and sugar have dissolved completely. Remove from heat and combine with ice water to chill. Let chill until at least 40 degrees. Place the cut chicken in a container and pour the cold liquid brine over it. Chill in refrigerator for 24 hours.

For the seasoned flour:
Mix all spices and flour well.

For the frying:
Remove the chicken from the brine and dredge in the seasoned flour.

Place the shortening in a pan (cast iron preferred) and melt slowly. The goal is to have the shortening about 1/2 inch up the side of the pan. Heat the shortening over low heat until it reaches 325 degrees. Use a candy thermometer to regulate the temperature.

Place the breasts and thighs in the pan, skin side down. After 8 minutes, flip the pieces over and continuing frying for another 6 minutes.

Remove from pan and let sit on a wire rack or plate lined with paper towels. Stick the thickest pieces with a meat thermometer; the chicken must reach 165 degrees. Season lightly with a pinch of sea salt.

Place the wings and drums in the oil making sure to maintain 325 degrees. After 5 minutes, flip the pieces and continuing frying for another 4 minutes.

Remove from pan and let sit on a wire rack or plate lined with paper towels. Stick the thickest pieces with a meat thermometer; the chicken must reach 165 degrees. Season lightly with a pinch of sea salt before serving.

Recipe courtesy of Bon Appetit


Recipe : Nacho Cheese Dip

  • In a medium-sized sauce pan, combine beer, cumin, dried oregano, garlic, and jalapeño. Bring to simmer over medium heat.
  • Add beans and Ro-tel; stir until heated through.
  • Add Velveeta cheese; stir until cheese melts, about 5 to 8 minutes. If the dip is too thick, thin with a little beer.
  • Stir in cilantro. Transfer to bowl. Serve warm with tortilla chips.

Recipe courtesy of YumSugar


Recipe : Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip

For milder flavor, reduce the cayenne pepper sauce to 1/2 cup.

  • Preheat the oven to 350° F. Spray a 1 1/2-quart casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Combine cream cheese, pepper sauce, and ranch dressing in a small saucepan. Heat over low heat, stirring frequently, until melted.
  • Stir in chicken and about half of the cheddar cheese. Stir until combined.
  • Spoon into prepared dish. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.
  • Bake 15 minutes or until hot and cheese is melted.

Serve warm with tortilla chips, crackers, or vegetables.

Recipe courtesy of YumSugar


Recipe : Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Depending on your preference, use Gorgonzola or another blue cheese on the pizza.

  • Place a cookie sheet or pizza stone in the oven, then preheat the oven to 500ºF. In a large pan over medium-high heat, slowly caramelize the shallots with the olive oil. Once the shallots are soft and lightly golden, about 10 to 15 minutes, add the chicken. Once the chicken is nearly warmed all the way through, add the hot sauce to the pan and gently stir. Remove from the heat.
  • On a large cutting board or kitchen counter, dust with cornmeal and roll out a pizza dough.
  • Precook the pizza dough by carefully placing it on the preheated pizza stone and stab the pizza dough with a fork quickly, to ensure no bubbles. Bake for four to six minutes until golden.
  • Once golden, remove the pizza stone and pizza from the oven to top with the chicken and hot sauce mixture, grated cheese, and Gorgonzola crumbles. Place the pizza back into the oven and cook until the cheese has completely melted, about five to seven minutes.
  • Enjoy pizza.

Recipe courtesy of YumSugar


The Best Thing to Happen to Breakfast, Ever : Churro Waffles

Quite possibly the best thing to happen to breakfast ever!

Say hello to the ‘Churro Waffle.’

I don’t know about you, but I love me some churros and chocolate. So the only thing that can possibly make churros better is having them for breakfas. Jasmine of Chica Chocolatina has created this amazing creation and shared the recipe on her site.

The pictures alone makes my mouth water.

Get the full recipe here.

Photos : Chica Chocolatina