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First Taste : DBGB Kitchen and Bar Pop Up at db Bistro Moderne

Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen and Bar is taking over db Bistro Moderne Miami this summer again!

Now through July 31st, DBGB Kitchen and Bar will pop up at db Bistro Moderne Miami, offering DBGB’s house-made sausages, burgers, signature Baked Alaska and whimsical ice cream sundaes.

Executive Chef Jason Pringle will re-create some of the fan favorites from Chef Boulud’s casual New York and Washington, DC restaurants.

J. Wakefield Brewery is also doing a tap takeover featuring three beers like the Dragonfruit Passion Fruit made exclusively for db Bistro Moderne Miami; Desperado, a Russian imperial stout aged in boubon barrels; and Hop for Teacher IPA, deep orange Indian Pale Ale infused with citrus and tropical fruits.

The DBGB menu will be available daily in the bar and lounge from 4-8pm through July 31st. Diners in the main dining room can choose from either the DBGB specialties or the regular db Bistro Moderne menu during lunch and dinner.

Last week, we got a chance to check out the menu. We suggest you go check it out. From the house-made sausages to the Baked Alaska. You will not be disappointed. Check out the full menu here.

Check out what we had below:


Last year, DBGB Kitchen and Bar takeover was famous for the Whole Hog Feasts. Well they are back. Whole Hog Feasts take place in the wine cellar for up to eight guests will start with traditional Tarte Flambée and Charcuterie. From there, guests will dig in to a Slow-Roasted Suckling Pig presented tableside and stuffed with pork loin, Swiss chard, confit tomato, and olives. Each piggy is accompanied by Swank Farms seasonal vegetables like roasted corn, grilled asparagus, and decadent grand-mere potatoes. Finish the evening off with DBGB’s signature Baked Alaska, flamed with Grand Mariner.

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Review : Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers

You probably have been seeing a few new restaurants pop-up around South Florida with a bright orange sign called Giraffas. If you have, you should check them out.

Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers is a new ‘hybird’ restaurant concept from Brazil. It’s not fast food, but if you want a good steak without the wait, Giraffas is your place.

At Giraffas your getting fresh ingredients, budget friendly prices, and good food. Naturally with a name like Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers, Giraffas is known for their steaks and burgers. If steaks and burgers aren’t your thing, don’t worry. The menu has plenty of options including salads, chicken, pastas, and more. Giraffas is simple. Walk into the restaurant. Take a peek at their menu. Walk up to the cashier and order. Find a table and place your number. Good food comes your way next.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to give Giraffas a try and my experience was not bad at all.

After carefully looking at the menu, I opted for the steak they are known for the ’10-oz Grilled Picanha.’ The Picanha comes with one sauce and three sides for the awesome price of $11.90. Your sauce choices are Chimi churri, Brazilian Vinaigrette, Madeira, Black Pepper or Maitre D’Butter. Your sides to choose from are White rice, brown rice, black beans, Brazilian Farofa, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, fries, haricots, quinoa or small salad. I chose the Brazilian Vinaigrette as my sauce and white rice, black beans and Brazilan Farofa as my sides. I figured I go big with something I had never had or even heard of before.

Overall the steak was good. Cooked just like I like it. The portion size of the steak was also good too. The white rice and black beans were just as you expect white rice and black beans to taste like. They were good too. Now for the Farofa. I did not like this at all. It was just weird to me. Felt like it was missing something. Maybe I was eating it wrong or something, but I did not care for it. If you don’t know what Farofa is, it’s Brazilian seasoned toasted manioc flour, eggs, bacon, onions, and parsley. It basically tasted like nothing. Overall the steak and rice and beans were awesome especially for the price. Next time I will trade the Farofa for something else.

We also decided to try the Quinoa and Greens salad. The Quinoa was pretty awesome. Some of the best I have ever had. Really enjoyed this light, refreshing salad. My only recommendation for the salad would be to give less lettuce or more Quinoa. We had a scoop of Quinoa on the salad with a huge pile of lettuce.

On top of the salad, we ordered the Chicken Entrecoxa, which is a 50z tender boneless chicken. The flavor on the chicken is excellent. Not only are the steaks good, but the chicken is too. For dessert, we went with the Petit Gateau. The Petit Gateau is a chocolate, lime or passion fruit filled cake with coconut or vanilla ice cream, or raspberry sorbet. We went for the chocolate filled cake. Overall it tasted good and was a great size for the price of just $4.20. It was a good finish to a good meal.

Some of the other sides you can get with your meal include brown rice, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes, fries, haricots, quinoa, or a small salad. Next time I am definitely going to try a burger. I couldn’t stop staring the person next to me, chomping one up. Oops.

Overall, Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers is great for both the food quality and the price. You can’t go wrong for the price.If you are looking for a quality steak for a budget-friendly price, Giraffas is the place to go to. Giraffas Brazilian Steaks & Burgers is definitely a good, budget-friendly restaurant. If you have a Giraffas in your area, go check them out. You will enjoy it.

Check out the full menu here.

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Review : Mojo Donuts

We have a new favorite obsession, Mojo Donuts.

We had been hearing all about it from fellow food bloggers Burger Beast and Fatgirl Hedonist, but we hadn’t made the trip to see what Mojo Donuts was all about. 2 days ago, we finally did. And boy were we missing out. This place was so good, we went again today.

I don’t know of any other gourmet donut shops in South Florida, so I would call Mojo Donuts, the first Gourmet donut shop in South Florida.

Mojo Donuts is located on Pines and University in the Hooters shopping center.

Mojo Donuts is all about the donuts. Some of the donuts on the menu are Bacon, Red Velvet, PB&J, Guava and cheese, Key Lime, Smores, and more.

We absolutely love this place. Our favorites are Bacon and Guava and cheese.

Check out the photos of these bad boys below:

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Check out Mojo Donuts now! You will regret it if you don’t. And get there early, because once they are out, they are out! Mojo is open until they run out of donuts.

[gmap description=”7906 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, FL”]7906 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, FL[/gmap]

Photo : Mojo Donuts Facebook


Review : Blue Moon Fish Company

Seafood so fresh, you might think it’s still alive.

That is the kind of seafood served to you at Blue Moon Fish Company. Blue Moon Fish Company is located on the waterfront in Ft. Lauderdale. Think of the interior decor of Blue Moon as you are in a dining room of a cruise ship. Blue Moon Fish Company also has a killer outdoor area with great views of the water.

This past weekend, I was invited to come by and try the food. We were seated on the outdoor patio with a great view of the water. If you think it might be too hot to sit outside, think again. The outdoor patio is equipped with AC to keep you cool on the hot summer nights.

We decided to start off the night with some wine and a few appetizers. We started with some chilled oysters, which tasted as if they were caught a few minutes before coming to the table. The oysters come with lemon, lime, cocktail sauce and a homemade chili malt mignonette sauce. I personally did not care about the mignonette sauce, but it wasn’t bad. I am personally a fan of eating oysters with lemon and cocktail sauce.

Next we went for the ‘Pan Roasted Diver Sea Scallops.’ These scallops come with a small salad and a sweet chili garlic glaze. Again the scallops tasted as they were just brought from the ocean. They were also cooked perfectly. This is a great tasting appetizer.

Next General Manager, Alan Forgea brought us out their famous ‘Rosemary Roasted Golden Beets.’ These beets come with roasted pecans and a balsamic glaze. I am personally not a fan of beets, but these were surprisingly good. Didn’t love them, but I liked them and thought they were different from anything else Blue Moon serves.

After that adventure, we topped it off with their ‘Fresh Burrata Mozzarella Salad.’ I am a huge fan of burrata, so I just had to try it. Some places say they have good burrata, but they really don’t. Blue Moon Fish Company delivers. Fresh and creamy, just as I like it. Check out the full dinner menu here.

Next we moved to our entrees. For our main plates we had the ‘Sautéed Key West Yellowtail Snapper’ and a ‘Macadamia-Nut Crusted Sea Bass.’ The snapper comes with Maine lobster mac & peas made with orzo. The snapper was cooked perfectly. It also tasted as fresh as it could be. Alan Forgea explained to us, that they get the fish delivered daily and they make their own filets. This explains the freshness of the seafood here at Blue Moon. The Mac & Peas was also something different. You could taste and see huge chocks of lobster in the orzo. Combined with the snapper, this dish was plenty and will leave you very satisfied.

The ‘Macadamia-Nut Crusted Sea Bass’ was a special, Blue Moon was serving that night. The sea bass came served with ‘Asian’ style vegetables like bok Choy. I can tell you the sea bass was my personal favorite. This was unlike anything I have had. The serving size of the sea bass itself was perfect. The macadamia-nut crust was just the icing on the cake. This was some darn good sea bass. The vegetables were good too, but the main star of this dish was the sea bass.


To top the night off, we went with their most popular dessert, the ‘Soufflé.’ Blue Moon offers three types of soufflés: Grand Marnier, Raspberry and Chocolate Godiva. Now this soufflé takes about 30 minutes to make, so you are told to order it when you order your main dishes. We went for the Chocolate Godiva soufflé. I mean we were pretty full by the time we got this, but this soufflé is a monster. I love soufflés and this was not one of my favorites, but it was not bad. This one was a bit too airy for my taste, but it was good nonetheless and satisfied the craving.

Check out more pictures of the food here.

Overall, Blue Moon Fish Company does fresh seafood right. Every dish that contained seafood tasted as it just came out of the ocean. The seafood is as fresh as your going to get without catching it yourself. The dishes are creative and flavorful. Blue Moon also has a killer Sunday Brunch, which sounds amazing. We will definitely be back for that. In the end, if your in the mood for a great view, a great atmosphere, and fresh seafood take a drive on down to Blue Moon Fish Company and go crazy!

[gmap description=”4405 West Tradewinds Avenue Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL”]4405 West Tradewinds Avenue Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL[/gmap]

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Review : Essensia

After weeks of putting it off, I finally had a chance to go check out Essensia at the Palms Hotel in South Beach. I had heard of Essensia before, but for whatever reason it didn’t really interest me to check it out. All I knew about Essensia was that it was a ‘Farm to Table’ restaurant and they had their very own garden where they grow a lot of their own herbs and vegetables. So after being invited several times, we finally decided to give it a try and boy was a dumbass for not trying this place earlier.

Essensia is located on the lobby floor of the hotel. The restaurant has an awesome outdoor dining area that faces the hotel pool and garden. The inside decor of the restaurant was awesome too. This place doesn’t make you feel like you’re in Miami nor South Beach. It just has this great loungly, upscale vibe.

Now let’s talk about the food.

To start we had their ‘South Beach Ceviche with Local Grouper’ and their ‘Stuffed Squash Blossoms.’ Both dishes tasted as great as they looked. The ‘South Beach Ceviche’ was a local citrus cured grouper with tropical fruit, red bell pepper, jalapeno, Asian pear and cilantro. The ceviche was served on this beautiful martini glass and served with plantain chips. The ceviche was great. It was fresh and fun. The ‘Stuffed Squash Blossoms’ contained crab, ricotta cheese, fire-roasted pepper, preserved lemon served with a pea tendril salad and a blood orange fennel pollen vinaigrette. Again, this was delicious as well. I mean I didn’t leave a piece of lettuce on the plate, so it must have been amazing. You can instantly taste the freshness of this dish. You can easily tell the salad was picked earlier that day. So good and so fresh. Highly recommend both of those dishes as appetizers.

After the appetizers, we went for a salad. We tried their ‘Heirloom Tomato and Roasted Beet Salad.’ The salad comes with local tomatoes, which are grown in the chef’s garden at the hotel. The tomatoes were a combination of red and green tomatoes. The salad also comes with roasted beets and a local burrata. Burrata is one of my favorite things ever. The burrata in this salad was fresh, local, and creamy. Delicious! This is a classic salad and not many people can do it right, but when it’s done right, it’s awesome.


Now onto the entrees.

I went with the ‘All Natural 8 Oz. Filet Mignon.’ Easily one of the best steaks I have had in Miami. It makes my list of the top 10 steaks in South Florida. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and topped with blue cheese, all on a bed of some truffled wild mushroom risotto and roasted broccolini. The complete dish was awesome. It was so simple, but it worked and worked well! Simple, fresh and delicious.

We also had their ‘Amazone Paiche.’ Now you’re wondering what is an Amazone Paiche… Well the Amazone Paiche is a freshwater fish raised in Northeast Peru. The taste of the Paiche is a combination of a Chilean sea bass and a black cod. Sounds interesting right? Well it’s damn good. The fish was cooked perfectly and contained lots of meat and lots of flavor. The Amazone Paiche was topped with a tomato-olive relish served on a bed of a celery root-leek puree. This complete dish together was delicious and fresh. If you’re a fan of fish, you will love this dish. So simple yet, so delicious.

Do you see a pattern here? You should. This place is taking simple dishes and ingredients and making them delicious. Stuff you cannot find in South Beach.

As an extra side dish, we went with the ‘Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi in Brown Sage Butter.’ If gnocchi isn’t done right, it isn’t good. Essensia did it right and tasty I might add. The gnocchi was fried and good perfectly.

After all that food, we were pretty full, but you know we had to have dessert. For dessert, we went with the ‘Chocolate Ancho-Chili Mousse.’ Your thinking chili spice in my chocolate? Yes it works very well! It gives the chocolate mousse a great flavor. The chocolate mousse comes with cayenne frozen strawberry yogurt. Now this was a little too spicy for me and I love spicy food. In this occasion, I don’t think it worked well. The yogurt was sweet at first, but then the spice hits the back of your throat and there’s no turning back. If you want to try something different, this is for you. I enjoyed the chocolate mousse very much, but the yogurt had just a little too much spice for my liking.

Essensia is awesome. The food is great and Chef Julie Frans is doing a damn good job of bringing farm to table to South Beach. All the dishes were simple, yet delicious. Essensia is creating simple dishes with fresh local ingredients and putting a modern twist on them. And I have to say, they have one of my favorite waiters I have ever in Miami. His name is Matias. So if you happen to go to Essensia make sure to ask for him. You will have an amazing time. I will definitely be back and you should check it out. Essensia is one of Miami’s newest hidden gems. Go find it now.

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Review : OH! Sushi (Closed)

I can never get enough sushi. I am always in the hunt for some good sushi, as well.

There has been much talk about this new restaurant called OH! Sushi. I knew I had to try this place. I was given an opportunity by owner Felipe Del Valle to come try it out. I was thrilled. So this is where the story begins…

We started out with some Japanese sodas. Felipe brought us over a “Calpico,” which is a sweet non-carbonated soft drink and a “Ramune,” which is a sweet carbonated soft drink. “Calpico” tasted something like a flat lemonade. Not bad really enjoyed it. The “Ramune” on the other hand was sweet and different and almost tasted like bubble gum. “Ramune” was a pain to open, but fun at the same time. You have to put pressure on the top of the bottle to push a ball in the middle of the bottle in order to allow the soda to flow. Sounds complicated right? Well, it is. If you don’t believe how much of a pain or fun this is, just YouTube it.










Once the sodas were finished, I had to try some sake. Nothing goes better with sushi than sake. I opted for a dry, cold sake.

For starters, Felipe brought out the Ika Sansai salad, Shrimp Tempura, Salmon Fingers, Pork Dumplings, and Takoyaki.

The Ika Sansai salad is such an amazing fresh dish. It is a salad with calamari and a sesame dressing. It has a great nutty flavor to it and you will want more by the time it’s all gone. The Ika Sansai salad is off the menu, but make sure to ask for it. It is available upon request.

Next up were the Salmon Fingers. The Salmon Fingers are fried tempura salmon fingers filled with avocado and cream cheese with a drizzle of their special sauces. The Salmon Fingers are pretty much my favorite starter. They are just so good, you will want to order more and more. The whole dish has an amazing fresh taste to it. The Salmon Fingers come in two pieces per order.

So you’re wondering what is Takoyaki? Well, Takoyaki is ‘fried octopus balls.’ Takoyaki is definitely something different and interesting. Think of it like a potato filled with octopus meat or for my spanish people a papa rellena with octopus. It wasn’t my favorite starter, but if you’re willing to try something different get this. The order comes with 3 balls per serving.

Next up is the sushi.

Felipe brought us out the Soft Maki roll, the Crazy roll, Mango with eel sauce, and Tuna rice fingers.

The Soft Maki roll contains salmon, avocado, and cram cheese covered with salmon, wakame and salmon roe. This by far was my favorite roll of the night. The combination of salmon on the inside and outside made this roll super awesome. The Crazy roll contains prawn tempura, tuna, chive, sesame seeds and spicy sauce. This was nice spin on a normal shrimp tempura roll. The Mniango with eel sauce roll is a basic rice roll filled with mango wrapped in seaweed. This was a very different roll. Not one of my favorites, but I didn’t hate it. You would think the mango inside the roll would have a weird taste to it, but it was actually good.

After all that food, even though I was ready to roll on out of here, Felipe brings us dessert.

For dessert, Felipe brought us out their famous Nutella Maki roll. This thing is amazing. It contains banana tempura, Nutella, cake and peanut butter all inside a roll with a baileys irish cream dipping sauce. This dessert was absolutely amazing and melts in your mouth. We could have had another roll, even though we were beyond full.

Overall, OH! Sushi is a great place for sushi and one of my new favorite places to have some great, fresh sushi. OH! Sushi also has a mini asian market in the back of the restaurant with all sorts of things. OH! Sushi is fun, causal, and has vibrant modern colors that will keep you coming back. Owner Felipe Del Valle is such a great guy and he makes you feel at home. We know the location might not be the greatest, but it is well worth the drive to come eat some great sushi.

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