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A New Food Truck Has Arrived.. Welcome Crazydilla

If you love quesadillas, your going to love Crazydilla.

Crazydilla is a new food truck, which has just come onto the South Florida scene.

Think crazy sandwiches in a quesadilla and you get Crazydilla.

Some of the crazy quesadillas are the “Cubadilla,” which is basically a Cuban sandwich inside a quesadilla, but more awesome.

Another crazy quesadilla is the “Reubadilla.”

Check out the full menu here.

Make sure to catch Crazydilla rolling around the city! Stop by and try these awesome quesadillas.

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Wynwood Art Walk Food Truck Roundup Canceled Again

Another Art Walk around the corner, another canceled Art Walk Food Truck Roundup.

The Second Saturdays Art Walk in Wynwood will once again be without food trucks.

According to our friends over at Beached Miami, an email from Richard Hales, the event’s organizer, to the food truck community, the city is once again to blame.

Unfortunately the Wynwood event is not going to happen this month on the lot; the City will not give the permission … See you hopefully next month.

This isn’t the first time this happens. They had this same issue back in March.

If your looking to get your grub on though during Art Walk this weekend, be on the look out for mobile food vendors and maybe even some trucks parked throughout the streets and driveways.

We hope this all gets resolved for next month’s events.

Photo : Beached Miami



Dos Equis ‘Feast of the Brave’ Cinco De Mayo Taco Challenge

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo, Dos Equis is launching a promotion called “Feast of the Brave.” The brave will feast on curried goat, frog legs, snail and even “spicy mystery” tacos served by a Dos Equis-branded food truck in Miami.

The chefs over at Jefe’s Original Fish Tacos food truck have created taco recipes using those ingredients and are roaming all around Miami. Best part about this is that it’s free! Find out their locations on Dos Equis’ Facebook page, and their Twitter feed.

the food-e took up the challenge.

On the menu:

  • ‘Mystery Taco’
  • Snail & Corn Fungus Taco
  • Frog Legs Taco
  • Curried Goat Taco

Check out the video to see what he thinks about the tacos and if he completes the taco challenge.

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Latin Burger and Taco to Open Restaurant

We all love Latin Burger and Taco.

Latin Burger was one of the first food trucks in Miami and the first to introduce a second truck.

Jim Heins is the owner of Latin Burger and Taco and he has just announced that Latin Burger and Taco will be a full-on restaurant. The location of the restaurant was not disclosed, but Heins’ said the site is under construction. Heins also said that the food trucks will continue to operate as normal.

Heins also told our friends over at Short Order that starting today, Latin Burger will open a mini-restaurant inside Jada Coles in Coral Gables. Jada Coles will serve the entire Latin Burger food truck menu daily from 5 to 10pm.

If you want to get your Latin Burger fix, go visit them inside Jada Coles at 2224 SW 22 St in Miami.

We cannot wait for Latin Burger’s full-on restaurant to open!

Stay tuned for the latest up-to-date information on the opening.

Photo : Latin Burger Facebook



Wynwood Street Food Fest on Saturday, February 11th

It’s the second Saturday of the month, so that means its time for the Wynwood Art Walk.

And what’s an art walk without food trucks.

Sakaya Kitchen has teamed up with Burger Beast to create the Wynwood Street Food Fest on Saturday, February 11th from 6p until midnight. The Wynwood Street Food Fest  will take place at 210 NW 22nd Lane.

There will be live music by Alabáo, spinning by DJ AKA and shopping via the StyleMarket. Street parking is free, onsite parking is $10.

Food trucks participating are:

Dim Ssam a gogo, The Rolling Stove, Ms. Cheezious, Latin Burger, Grill Master, Mac’n Food, The Mexzican, Taco Fresh, gastroPod, Che Grill, Chef on 4 Wheels, Health Nut on Wheels, CubanCube, Nacho Bizness, Purple People Eatery, Red Koi, Slow Food Bistro, Mr. Good Stuff, Pardo’s Grill, Bite Gastrotruck, Guiseppe’s, Dog Eat Dog and desserts by Fireman Derek, Sugar Yummy Mama, SugarRush, Dolci Peccati, Boba Station

Photo : Eater



Review : CoolHaus Food Truck

In the last year, the food truck scene in Miami has blown up to epic proportions. Well a couple weeks ago, Miami got a new one.

This isn’t your normal, everyday food truck. This is a food truck offering nothing but homemade ice cream sandwiches.

The food truck’s name is CoolHaus.

CoolHaus is an aluminum wrapped truck offering nothing but homemade ice cream sandwiches. CoolHaus not only offers your usual ice cream favors, but unusual ones too.

CoolHaus runs a simple operation. You choose your own cookies and ice cream filling and enjoy. CoolHaus started in Los Angeles and has trucks in New York, Austin, and Miami.

After attempting to find the truck for the last couple of weeks, I got a chance to have some of CoolHaus’ goodness during Art Basel weekend. I can simply tell you it was well worth the wait.

After checking out all the flavors of cookies and ice cream available, I decided to try a simple Red Velvet Cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream on one visit and a Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream in between two Snickerdoodle cookies on my other visit. “WOW!” Within the first two bites I knew this was my favorite food truck in Miami.



The Red Velvet cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream sammy was awesome. The cookies have that “homemade” taste to them and aren’t hard. The cookie was perfect. The Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream was also another winner. Hands down the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. End of story.

My Snickerdoodle cookie with Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream sammy was just heavenly. I am a huge fan of Nutella so I knew this would be amazing. Again the cookies were amazing. The ice cream was even more amazing. The Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream was unlike anything else I have ever had. The perfect mix of Nutella and toasty almonds made this my new favorite ice cream. Throw in the Snickerdoodle cookies and I got the best darn homemade ice cream sandwich I have ever had. In my opinion.

Plus all the sandwiches come with an edible wrapper that you could eat and believe me I did.

There are plenty of more flavors of cookies and ice creams on the truck like Super Peanut Butter, Brown Butter with Candied Bacon, Guinness Chip, Potato Chip and Butterscotch, and more.

For the full selection of cookies and ice cream, click here.

We would highly recommend CoolHaus to anyone looking for something different in the food truck scene or with a sweet tooth. The food truck scene right now is full of burgers, pinchos, cupcakes and more, so it’s awesome to see a different type of truck come to town and offer things no one has right now.
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