Area 31 Offering a $19 Lunch Box

Looking for some great food for lunch on a budget?

Look no further than Area 31 at the Epic Hotel. Right now, Area 31 is offering a $19 lunch box special Monday through Friday.

Area 31’s “Lunch Box” includes a dish from the simple snack menu.

Some of the menu items on the Simple snacks menu include: cobia tiradito, potato-chorizo croquettes, tuna tartar, pork belly sliders and more.

The next part of your “Lunch Box” is choosing a menu item from the “Hands On” or Entree Salad menu.

“Hands On” men items include: sandwiches, black bean goat cheese tacos, and iberico flatbreads with chorizo, lomo, and manchego.

After all that good food, you also get a cookie to go. Another great thing about the Area 31 “Lunch Box” special is that you will also get complimentary valet for your mid-day meal.

I mean for just $20 this is a great lunch deal and should be taken advantage of.

Check out the full menu here.

Photo : Omnivorousvegetarian


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