Chow Down Grill Reinventing Itself at Both Locations

Chow Down Grill is reinventing itself at both it’s South Beach location and their Surfside location.

The South Beach location will focus on more high end Pan Asian cuisine.

According to it’s press release, “listening to recommendations from trusted guests, friends, and sources, new Pan Asian entrees will be presented in more of a “fine-dining” style, and less traditional Chinese. This means that portions will appear larger, and therefore will be seen as a better value.”

Most of the menu will stay the same, but some new items include “Braised beef moo shu, sautéed Asian vegetables, mushrooms, and pancakes; Clay pot braised salmon, shrimp, and mussels in Thai green curry sauce with black rice; and The Chow burger! House-made bao burger bun, shaved smoked pork, mustard, and chow fries with dashi ketchup. Dishes will range from $10.95 to $24.95.

Happy hour will also continue at it’s South Beach Location every night from 4-7pm.

Now the Chow Down Grill in Surfside will be converting into Josh’s Deli.

Josh’s Deli is a kosher-style eatery that will offer house-made and hand cut meats, matzoh ball soup, fish, potato knishes, Gribenes and more.

One week of every month, Josh’s Deli will be an always changing pop-up restaurant concept. The first of the Harding Dinner Series starts March 30-April 7 as Chef Jeremiah takes over for 7 nights only!

Stay here for the latest info on the Harding Dinner Series.


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