COTE is Coming to Miami

COTE Korean Steakhouse is coming to Miami's Design District

COTE is taking its talents to Miami.

COTE is a Korean Steakhouse and is opening its doors in the Miami Design District this winter. COTE comes to Miami from New York and has earned James Beard Award nominations and a Michelin-star.

The 100-plus seat dining room will offer its signature interactive experience, where each table has a charcoal grill for cuts to be cooked by COTE’s experienced servers. The smokeless grills are verified by safety certification programs world-wide and are known for ventilating air 6.6 times more frequently per hour compared to a standard restaurant. The space will include blue chip modern art pieces; an oval-shaped bar and a red light dry-aging room.

COTE’s signature menu items from New York will be available on Miami’s menu. COTE’s Beef & Leaf, which serves light and bright pickled vegetables, preserved on-site in the restaurant’s “Vegetable Fermentation Lab” will be available in Miami. At the heart of the menu are two tasting experiences, The Butcher’s Feast and a 10-course Steak Omakase™ experience. COTE only selects the highest grade of Prime Cuts and American Wagyu sourced with a BMS (Beef Marbling Score) of 10 or above. All meats are seasoned with COTE’s Signature Gastronome’s Salt, a proprietary salt blend, carefully composed of British Maldon salt, Himalayan pink salt, and Korean thousand-day sea salt.

COTE Miami has been thoroughly designed to protect patrons against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. Whereas other indoor establishments are recirculating tempered air, COTE utilizes two highly efficient built-in systems that continuously eject and replace air. Strategically placed in the center of each dining group, COTE’s tabletop smokeless grills use a downdraft vortex to vacuum and suck all the air out at an exchange rate 6.6x greater than standard restaurants.

In addition to the tabletop exhaust system, COTE Miami has invested in a half-million dollar, state-of-the-art Paragon Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), which continuously, rapidly, and efficiently replaces indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

COTE Miami will be located at 3900 NE 2nd Avenue in the Design District and will be open daily from 5pm to midnight, when COTE opens later this year.