Eating House is Back.. This Time For GOOD!

If you have been having missing and craving the food from chef Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Eating House, miss no more.

This Friday, August 17th Eating House comes back. Rapicavoli and partner Alex Cassanova is bringing back the Miami favorite. They will be popping up at the same spot through early October. They will then take another short break and head on over to Italy. During their break, Cafe Ponce will go thru renovations and become the awesome and permanent Eating House. The permanent Eating House is scheduled to open and debut in November.

“We’ve come to love our intimate little home and are so thrilled to have taken over for the tenants,” Rapicavoli t0ld Short Order.

When the permanent version of Eating House opens back up in November, they will serve both lunch and dinner.

We could not be more excited! Happy to have Rapicavoli and Alex back!

Photo : Yelp


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