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Episode 12 of WTF? – Where’s the Food is Live!

We love food and wine festival’s and you do too, so on this week’s episode we talk everything Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival happening December 14 – 17 in the Palm Beaches.

First, thefood-e’s Nick talks to Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli from Eating House & Glass and Vine about his restaurants, how was his experience winning Chopped, what new concept does he have up his sleeve, if he ever thought about not becoming a chef and becoming a professional hockey player and how he is going to win this year’s Street Food event at the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival (2:05).

Then, Nick talks to Chef Marc Murphy about his current gig judging Chopped on Food Network, what’s next for Marc in 2018, if he plans on opening up any restaurants in other areas besides New York and what we can expect from him at this year’s Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival (30:47).

Also, Nick gives you some food news, the food porn of the week (37:20) from @samuraivan and the Cocktail of the Week brought to you by @spiritedmiami (38:04).

Buy your tickets to the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival here.

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