WTF? - Where's the Food? Podcast

Episode 7 of WTF? – Where’s the Food is Live!

Here we are! Episode seven of my new podcast called WTF? – Where’s the Food? is here. On this show, I talk to Chef Carl Schaubhut from New Orleans about his time as Sous Chef at Commander’s Palace, his latest restaurant in NOLA – DTB – Down the Bayou, what he loves most about his job and would he ever go back to Commander’s Palace, given the opportunity, as executive chef (2:27). 

Then I talk food news on Shake Shack, Taco Bell and Black Tap Burgers (26:29) and talks to Mark Trowbridge from Burgerliscious about this year’s burger extravaganza and what you could expect if you’re going (30:29). Buy your tickets to Burgerliscious here.

Finally, he gives you the food porn of the week (34:30) and he talks to Annie from LuckyRice about this year’s Miami Feast (36:48). Buy your tickets to Luckyrice here.

Listen to the full podcast now! You can also find us everywhere you find podcasts: Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher.

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