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Episode 8 of WTF? – Where’s the Food is Live!

Here we are! Episode eight of my new podcast called WTF? – Where’s the Food? is here. On this show, I talk to Eric Hernandez, who is the head brewer at Concrete Beach Brewery, and Chef Michael Beltran from Ariete about their latest dinner series, Brews Views Dinner Series (2:15). They talk about what to expect at the dinner, any plans for future ones, plus he speaks to them individually and gets to know them. Get your tickets here for the dinner.

Nick also has some food news for you (23:45) and of course the food porn of the week from @blondeswhoeat.

Finally, Nick gets to know Liza, the person behind the Instagram account @fatbutskinnybutfat, and finds out what a day in the life of Liza is really like, some of her favorite spots to eat at in LA, the incredible work she does for Foodbeast and why you should follow her now (29:31).

Listen to the full podcast now! You can also find us everywhere you find podcasts: Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, and Stitcher.

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