First Taste : Hachidori Ramen Bar

Ramen in Miami has been hard to come by and is starting to take shape thanks to Hachidori Ramen Bar.

Hachidori Ramen Bar is located at 8222 NE 2nd Avenue at ebb + flow in Little River. Hachidori Ramen Bar comes to use from husband and wife, Guillermo and Jessica. Jessica runs the Miami based Instagram account @EatItMia.

The menu at Hachidori Ramen Bar has everything from bar buns, chicken wings, gyozas and their famous Umami Sticky Buns, but the big focus on the menu is ramen. The ramen at Hachidori is served just the way I like it, with thick, wavy noodles.

Check out the full menu here.

The O.G. Ramen features a tonkotsu and miso broth topped with cured pork belly, soft-boiled ajitama, bean sprouts and scallions. The best part is you can choose the spice level of the ramen to your liking.

After trying the cured pork belly in the ramen I regret not getting the Pork Belly Bao Buns.

The Shrooms Ramen features a miso-mushroom broth topped with shiitake mushrooms, toasted sesame, black garlic, bok choy, sprouts, scallions and maitake salad.

Another ramen on the menu is Shoyu the Money, which features a chicken broth and soy sauce tare topped with pork belly, soft-boiled seasoned ajitama, menma, bean sprouts and scallions.

On top of the ramen, we had to try the Umami Sticky Buns, Korean Spicy Wings, which were delicious and addicting, and the Fried Chicken Bao Buns, which were delicious, but I regret not trying the Pork Belly ones.

I ended the night with their Ice Cream Flight for dessert, which includes three little cones topped each with a scoop of Matcha, Shoyu Caramel and Black Sesame ice cream.

Hachidori Ramen Bar has beer, wine and sake and is open Tuesday thru Sunday for dinner and open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm.