First Taste

First Taste : Hometown BBQ Miami

Miami finally has some real, deal bbq thanks to Hometown BBQ.

Hometown BBQ comes to Miami from New York. Hometown BBQ is credited with helping put Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood on the map. Some say it’s even New York’s best barbecue.

Hometown BBQ Miami comes to do the same thing, by opening their first location outside of New York in Allapattah.

Hometown BBQ Miami is located in the former Brother Produce warehouse space keeping with the industrial design of the New York location. For lunch, you can order your food from the counter and brought to your table when ready. For dinner, Hometown BBQ moves to full-service restaurant with waiters and dinner specials.

On the menu you can find beef ribs, brisket, lamb belly bahn mi, smoked wings, and smoked turkey. Meats can be ordered by the pound. There is also sides like Mac and Cheese, cornbread and more. There is also a full service bar.

Check out the full menu here.

Hometown BBQ is open Tuesday through Sunday. Hometown BBQ is located in Allapattah at 1200 NW 22nd Street.

I’ve visited Hometown BBQ several times already and here is some of the food I’ve had.