First Taste

First Taste : Malibu Farm Miami Beach

You would think in a city like Miami Beach, there would be many amazing beach side restaurants with bomb food and killer views right? Well I could probably only name a handful of them.

There is no doubt, I can add Malibu Farm to that growing list.

Malibu Farm Miami Beach is located inside the Eden Roc Miami Beach. This is the first East Coast location for this restaurant. You come here for the food and the killer views.

Malibu Farm Miami Beach serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. You know that photo of that Avocado Pizza your friends have been posting about? Yeah, you can find that at Malibu Farm.

I highly recommend Malibu Farm for brunch or lunch. The views here are just as amazing as the food.

Check out all the menus here.

I checked out Malibu Farm for lunch a few weeks ago and here is what I ate, plus the views ????