Guest Chef Dinner at Yardbird with Hundred Acre Wine

Yardbird – Southern Table & Bar will host guest Chef Michael Laukert of Hundred Acre Wine Group, for a one-night-only, midnight dinner collaboration on Friday, May 16th.

Chef Laukert and 50 Eggs Culinary Director Clayton Miller will serve a fabulous four-course dinner paired with three of Hundred Acre’s award-winning wines.

The wines include : Layer Cake Chardonnay; Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon and Cherry Tart Pinot Noir. The meal will also feature an exclusive preview of The Duke – a bourbon based on John Wayne’s 40 year-old recipe.

Tickets are priced at $75 per person (excluding tax and gratuity) and available for purchase online here.

Lucky for you, we have 4 seats to giveaway to attend this dinner. 2 winners will be selected on Wednesday, May 14th. Each winner will receive entry to this dinner with a guest. Good luck!

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  1. I love The whole 50 eggs concept. I just finished my first semester of Graduate School at FIU in Dietetics and Nutrition. To celebrate my girlfriend and I went to Swine for Happy hour. I love there old fashioned. I went to Yardbird for the Kentucky Derby last weekend. I was so distraught when I heard Nina Compton was at Swine the night before I went for happy hour. If it weren’t for finals I would have gone. I would love to go to eat at Yardbird again and experience a California chef. See what he can bring to open my palate up.

  2. I love the food at Yardbird and have always wanted to attend one of these collaborations. Not to mention, I can’t get enough of wine and enjoy learning about new types. There are only few reasons I’d wait until midnight to have dinner, this would definitely be one of them.

  3. Farm-fresh ingredients, classic Southern cooking and the hospitality to go with is something I have yet to experience. I would love the opportunity to sample the cuisine. I’m a huge fan of Lee Schrager and feel behind the curve when it comes to dining at the Yardbird.

  4. Souther yRan in Miami, great to see these on time. I am a beer fan, wine fan and i have not tried the Southern Table yet. Please…. !! Giamarie

  5. The Yardbird (as well as all of the other 50 eggs establishments) is amazing! I would love to attend this dinner.

  6. I’m a big foodie who loves southern cuisine and is a huge fan of Yardbird. If I were lucky enough to win, not only would I enjoy every bite, but I’d also promote the event and Chef Michael Laukert on all of my social media channels (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.), leading up to and throughout the event.

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