Juvia at 1111 Lincoln Now Open

Now there’s a restaurant at the top of the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage.

Juvia is a St. Barth import and is now open.

Juvia’s menu is Asian, French, South American and Floridian all in one. Juvia has a vertical rainforest garden wall, which was designed by botanist Patrick Blanc.

Executive chef is Laurent Cantineaux, who is a protégé of Daniel Boulud; executive chef Sunny Oh, who was at the helm of Nobu Restaurant on South Beach for more than a decade; executive sous chef Kaoru Chang, also a Nobu alum, and corporate pastry chef Gregory Gourreau, who worked alongside Alain Ducasse and Francois Payard.

Juvia is open nightly for dinner and will cost you on average $70 per person.

1111 Lincoln road
Miami Beach, FL

Photo : Eater


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  • AD
    March 17, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Horrible tourist trap. I reserved a table 10 days ago, they gave us this table with no chairs. Just a cement seat facing both the same way. Not what I want when spending +$300-+$400. Super loud music. Bad food. We literally left the table. We saw at least 3 other tables walk away. They were super snooty b/c they were busy. I give them 9-12 months before BK. Funny, the only place on earth from the many restaurants I have been to that I ordered a $400 bottle of wine but they did not decant in front of us was their sister restaurant in St Barths. When I told the waiter he had to bring a new bottle an open in front of us, he became irrational. Bad people. Stay away unless looking to be robbed b/c of some good views. When I asked for the manager, the $8/hr hostess smirked a laugh. I then asked for the owner Jonas, and got worse. They will never make it here. Too snooty.


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