Lee & Marie’s Cakery Officially Open

Lee & Marie’s Cakery is officially open for business.

We know our friend Fatgirl Hedonist has been extremely excited for the opening, as well as she should be.

Lee & Marie’s Cakery comes to us from pastry chef Yannis Janssens and Andrea “Andy” Travaglia.

Lee & Marie’s Cakery is not just your everyday bakery, it’s more than that.

Lee & Marie’s employs adults with autism to help “guide them on a path to greater independence and an enhanced quality of life.”

All ingredients are local. They will also be serving Panther Coffee. Some of the sweet treats on the menu include an American Éclair collection with unique fillings like Heath bar fudge and caramel cheesecake popcorn in addition to a new take on cupcakes, “Cup Cones”, with mini-cupcakes served in small ice cream cones.

If sweets isn’t your thing, they will also be serving salads and sandwiches for lunch.

It all sounds amazing! We cannot wait to try!

[gmap description=”40 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, FL”]40 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, FL[/gmap]

Photo : Lee & Marie’s Cakery Facebook


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