McDonald’s Chicken McBites Coming This Spring

McDonald’s Chicken McBites, which is pretty much ‘Popcorn Chicken,’ made its debut at McDonald’s Australia and now will be coming to all U.S. locations this spring.

KFC and Popeye’s already offer their versions of popcorn chicken, so McDonald’s is now getting in the game. Unlike their KFC and Popeye’s versions, McDonald’s are made of 100% breast meat.

McDonald’s Chicken McBites have already been in testing in Detroit and Phoenix, and eaters have reportedly loved them. The one thing eaters are complaining about is the price is too high for such a small size. McDonald’s Chicken McBites are selling for $1.99 for 4 oz and $4.99 for 16 oz.

Look out for the McDonald’s Chicken McBites at your local McDonald’s soon!

Photo : Huffington Post


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