Miami’s First Pop-Up Cocktail Bar : The Broken Shaker

First it was Phuc Yea, Miami’s first pop-up restaurant, and now we have Miami’s first cocktail pop-up bar called The Broken Shaker.

The Broken Shaker comes to use from Bar Lab. The Broken Shaker is set to open at the Indian Creek Hotel in about three weeks.

The Broken Shaker is only planning to be open for six months.

Bar Lab’s Gabriel Orta says the Broken Shaker will feature farm-fresh cocktails using locally sourced ingredients. The popup will also make its own ice in various forms, depending on what your cocktail demands, such as cubed, crushed, or shaved.

The Indian Creek Hotel also has the Tiki Bar brunch every Saturday and Sunday starting at about 4, which is great for The Broken Shaker.

Look out for The Broken Shaker coming to The Indian Creek Hotel in about three weeks.

The Indian Creek Hotel
2727 Indian Creek Drive
Miami Beach, FL

Photo : It’s Wedding Florida


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