Miami’s Takeout Guide During the Pandemic

The Coronavirus has thrown Miami’s Food and Beverage industry into survival mode.

This is clearly a unique situation and not a good one, so we must do all we can to stand behind our friends in the food and beverage industry and support local as much as we can.

Our family in the food and beverage industry need us now more than ever.

On March 17th, the City of Miami ordered that all restaurants must stop dine-in services and can instead switch to takeout and/or delivery.

My good friend Miami Food Porn has helped put together a master list of restaurants with delivery and takeout options in Miami.

The master list is fluid and being updated everyday.

Please share this list with anyone who finds this helpful or any restaurant owners that are not listed.

Let us continue to order local and support our local food and beverage community during these hard times.

They have been with us during the good times, not let’s do our part so we can emerge from stronger than we have ever been.

Stay safe fam.