Michy’s To Go? Coming Soon?

We all love Michele Bernstein and Michy’s. How awesome would it be if we had a Michy’s To Go?

Well our friend’s over at The Miami Herald are reporting that:

Michelle Bernstein may be opening a ‘to-go’ version of Michy’s at 6101 Biscayne Blvd., a building owned by Michy’s co-owner Steven Perricone of his eponymous Brickell area restaurant. The realtors are very excited, announcing on their Facebook page that “Michele Bernstein has pre-leased a 1/4 of the building and will be opening [sic] Miche’s to go which is an Epicurean market of high end meals.” Pre-leased? Huh. Said a rep for Bernstein, “Michelle has discussed with the owner of the building the possibility of doing something there but nothing is in stone, no contracts signed.”

That would be so amazing! Michelle please make this happen!

Photo : Yelp


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