Momi Gyoza Bar Opens in Brickell

The crew behind Momi Ramen is bringing you, your newest addiction: Momi Gyoza Bar.

Momi Gyoza Bar is where you can go and enjoy gyoza or dumplings and plenty of sake.

Momi Gyoza Bar is located in the former Prost spot at 1036 South Miami Avenue. Momi Gyoza Bar is a cash-only space and operates by walking up to the counter, placing your order, taking a number, and drinking some beer, sake or tea.

The menu is split into five parts: veggie, a soup, dim sum, dumpling, gyoza, and kamameshi.

Five pieces of any of the dim sum and dumpling varieties are priced at $7.

Gyoza is served by the dozen and costs a dollar each, so $12 for 12. You can pick from pork belly, vegetable, chicken ‘n’ vegetable, or edamame.

Do yourself a favor and go indulge on dumplings and sake to lasts for days.



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