Pair Your Food with HEAVENSAKE

Crafted in Japan, HEAVENSAKE is an award winning creation by French Wine Master Regis Camus in collaboration with Japan’s most respected sake breweries.

They currently have 3 different variations of sake.

Junmai 12 is soft and savory. This is one of the world’s first Franco Japanese sake. The tandem creation of French cellar master, Regis Camus, and the team at Konishi, HeavenSake Junmai 12 delivers a nutty nose with a unique salted caramel undertone. The light body is filled with savory goodness and leaves with a crisp finish. Junmai 12 comes off clean all the way through and tastes amazing when served chilled or over ice.

Junmai Ginjo is the most quirky one of the bunch. Urakasumi, a brewery founded in 1724, and Regis Camus pair up to bring you this eyebrow-raising junmai ginjo. Revel in the unusual, but pleasing nose of light lemon peel and creme brûlée. The scent blends right into the gentle, almost-butterscotch flavor with spirited notes of raisin. It goes surprisingly well with raw fish dishes or even something like ceviche. The thing about sake of this quality is, it can pair with tons of things. Let your taste buds tell you what is right.

Junmai Daiginjo is closely related to a floral-scented fantasy. For HEAVENSAKE’s junmai daiginjo, Regis Camus humbly requested the help of Dassai, a brewery known around the globe. Their creation is, in the words of Mr. Camus himself, “like walking into a flower shop.” The delicate floral aroma includes wafts of blooming apple blossoms. For flavor, a luxurious pairing of muscat grapes, wild red berry and pear. With Dassai, you know you’ll be drinking pure, refined bliss, and HEAVENSAKE Junmai Daiginjo is no different. No where else in the world will you get a sake quite like this.

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