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Quality Meats is Coming to Miami Beach

A popular New York steakhouse is coming to Miami Beach.

Quality Meats is set to open at 1501 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach in February.

The Miami Beach location of Quality Meats will have a “a weathered Art Deco aesthetic with the rustic Quality Meats design signatures found in our New York restaurant.”

Owner Michael Stillman says, “On the menu side, we have lots of big cuts on our menu, not so many highly composed dishes with lots of elements,” Stillman says. “We’re getting away from lots of variety and more toward handmade ingredients — making things in house, from our charcuterie to the bitters for our cocktails. Plus, we have parking on South Beach. That alone sets us apart!”

We look forward to the opening of Quality Meats in Miami Beach.

*UPDATE – Quality Meats in Miami Beach is now open!



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