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Quality Meats Takes It Up a Notch

One of our favorites restaurants in Miami has to be Quality Meats.

Quality Meats isn’t just your normal, traditional steakhouse. Quality Meats has something for everyone and more.

Executive Chef Patrick Rebholz is killing the game at Quality Meats. He has added some new menu items that will change your life for the better. Some of these new menu items include the Crab & Avocado and the Snapper Ceviche.

IMG_1374 IMG_1373

Most notably the newest menu item turning heads is the ‘Parm Pizza’ a.k.a. Heaven!


Parm Pizza is exactly what you think it is. Chicken Parm Pizza. It’s not a normal pizza either. The crust is the actual chicken. Then add some cheese and sauce and BOOM, you have chicken parm pizza! It’s delivered to the table atop a pizza rack and comes with spices like dried black olives and fresh honey, that will enhance the flavor of the pizza.

Check out the full Quality Meats menu here.

So next time you visit Quality Meats, add the Parm Pizza to your order. Your stomachs will thank you!

Check out our visit to Quality Meats a few weeks back here. (Contains plenty of ? Food Porn)

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