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In the last year, the food truck scene in Miami has blown up to epic proportions. Well a couple weeks ago, Miami got a new one.

This isn’t your normal, everyday food truck. This is a food truck offering nothing but homemade ice cream sandwiches.

The food truck’s name is CoolHaus.

CoolHaus is an aluminum wrapped truck offering nothing but homemade ice cream sandwiches. CoolHaus not only offers your usual ice cream favors, but unusual ones too.

CoolHaus runs a simple operation. You choose your own cookies and ice cream filling and enjoy. CoolHaus started in Los Angeles and has trucks in New York, Austin, and Miami.

After attempting to find the truck for the last couple of weeks, I got a chance to have some of CoolHaus’ goodness during Art Basel weekend. I can simply tell you it was well worth the wait.

After checking out all the flavors of cookies and ice cream available, I decided to try a simple Red Velvet Cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream on one visit and a Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream in between two Snickerdoodle cookies on my other visit. “WOW!” Within the first two bites I knew this was my favorite food truck in Miami.



The Red Velvet cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream sammy was awesome. The cookies have that “homemade” taste to them and aren’t hard. The cookie was perfect. The Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream was also another winner. Hands down the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. End of story.

My Snickerdoodle cookie with Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream sammy was just heavenly. I am a huge fan of Nutella so I knew this would be amazing. Again the cookies were amazing. The ice cream was even more amazing. The Nutella Toasted Almond ice cream was unlike anything else I have ever had. The perfect mix of Nutella and toasty almonds made this my new favorite ice cream. Throw in the Snickerdoodle cookies and I got the best darn homemade ice cream sandwich I have ever had. In my opinion.

Plus all the sandwiches come with an edible wrapper that you could eat and believe me I did.

There are plenty of more flavors of cookies and ice creams on the truck like Super Peanut Butter, Brown Butter with Candied Bacon, Guinness Chip, Potato Chip and Butterscotch, and more.

For the full selection of cookies and ice cream, click here.

We would highly recommend CoolHaus to anyone looking for something different in the food truck scene or with a sweet tooth. The food truck scene right now is full of burgers, pinchos, cupcakes and more, so it’s awesome to see a different type of truck come to town and offer things no one has right now.
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