Review : OH! Sushi (Closed)

I can never get enough sushi. I am always in the hunt for some good sushi, as well.

There has been much talk about this new restaurant called OH! Sushi. I knew I had to try this place. I was given an opportunity by owner Felipe Del Valle to come try it out. I was thrilled. So this is where the story begins…

We started out with some Japanese sodas. Felipe brought us over a “Calpico,” which is a sweet non-carbonated soft drink and a “Ramune,” which is a sweet carbonated soft drink. “Calpico” tasted something like a flat lemonade. Not bad really enjoyed it. The “Ramune” on the other hand was sweet and different and almost tasted like bubble gum. “Ramune” was a pain to open, but fun at the same time. You have to put pressure on the top of the bottle to push a ball in the middle of the bottle in order to allow the soda to flow. Sounds complicated right? Well, it is. If you don’t believe how much of a pain or fun this is, just YouTube it.










Once the sodas were finished, I had to try some sake. Nothing goes better with sushi than sake. I opted for a dry, cold sake.

For starters, Felipe brought out the Ika Sansai salad, Shrimp Tempura, Salmon Fingers, Pork Dumplings, and Takoyaki.

The Ika Sansai salad is such an amazing fresh dish. It is a salad with calamari and a sesame dressing. It has a great nutty flavor to it and you will want more by the time it’s all gone. The Ika Sansai salad is off the menu, but make sure to ask for it. It is available upon request.

Next up were the Salmon Fingers. The Salmon Fingers are fried tempura salmon fingers filled with avocado and cream cheese with a drizzle of their special sauces. The Salmon Fingers are pretty much my favorite starter. They are just so good, you will want to order more and more. The whole dish has an amazing fresh taste to it. The Salmon Fingers come in two pieces per order.

So you’re wondering what is Takoyaki? Well, Takoyaki is ‘fried octopus balls.’ Takoyaki is definitely something different and interesting. Think of it like a potato filled with octopus meat or for my spanish people a papa rellena with octopus. It wasn’t my favorite starter, but if you’re willing to try something different get this. The order comes with 3 balls per serving.

Next up is the sushi.

Felipe brought us out the Soft Maki roll, the Crazy roll, Mango with eel sauce, and Tuna rice fingers.

The Soft Maki roll contains salmon, avocado, and cram cheese covered with salmon, wakame and salmon roe. This by far was my favorite roll of the night. The combination of salmon on the inside and outside made this roll super awesome. The Crazy roll contains prawn tempura, tuna, chive, sesame seeds and spicy sauce. This was nice spin on a normal shrimp tempura roll. The Mniango with eel sauce roll is a basic rice roll filled with mango wrapped in seaweed. This was a very different roll. Not one of my favorites, but I didn’t hate it. You would think the mango inside the roll would have a weird taste to it, but it was actually good.

After all that food, even though I was ready to roll on out of here, Felipe brings us dessert.

For dessert, Felipe brought us out their famous Nutella Maki roll. This thing is amazing. It contains banana tempura, Nutella, cake and peanut butter all inside a roll with a baileys irish cream dipping sauce. This dessert was absolutely amazing and melts in your mouth. We could have had another roll, even though we were beyond full.

Overall, OH! Sushi is a great place for sushi and one of my new favorite places to have some great, fresh sushi. OH! Sushi also has a mini asian market in the back of the restaurant with all sorts of things. OH! Sushi is fun, causal, and has vibrant modern colors that will keep you coming back. Owner Felipe Del Valle is such a great guy and he makes you feel at home. We know the location might not be the greatest, but it is well worth the drive to come eat some great sushi.

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