WTF? - Where's the Food? Podcast

Season 2 – Episode 2 of WTF? – Where’s the Food? is Live!

Stone crab season is right around the corner and one thing that comes with stone crab season is South Beach Seafood Week. This amazing week full of great events leads up to the South Beach Seafood Festival on Saturday, October 20th.

Nick is co-hosting an event this year called ‘Crabs, Slabs and Cabs’ on Thursday, October 18th and on this episode of WTF? – Where’s the Food? he talks to Chef Bernie Matz from Bodega South Beach and Chef James Versfelt from the Shelborne South Beach about the entire week including ‘Crabs, Slabs and Cabs’ and ‘Chef Showdown’ and what we could expect at these epic events (2:43).

Plus, Nick gives you this week’s #FoodNews (14:46) and we can’t forget the #FoodPorn of the week (17:51).

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