Shots Miami: “Interactive Shots Bar” Coming Soon

Miami is about to get it’s own interactive shot bar. You might wonder what is an interactive shot bar?

Well it’s a bar where you not only take the shot, but you live it! That is what we call Shots Miami.

Shots Miami co-owners Oscar Zapata and David Estrada conceived Shots Miami, an interactive shots bar opening soon in Wynwood.

It’s simple how it works. Choose your shot from their shot book containing 165 shots to choose from and then each shot comes with an activity. Simple.

Confused? Here’s an example:

For instance, the Superman, a blue and red layered shot, requires you to wear a cape as you down the elixer. The Brain comes with geek glasses. Sort of like karaoke of the mouth.

The shots will cost you around $6 each with some premium shots going for more. If your not too big of a shot person, Shots Miami will also serve craft beers, domestic beers, cocktails, wines and other drinks.

Shots Miami will not open for another 6 weeks, but they are throwing a party in their parking lot every Saturday from 7pm – 3am.

At the party, you will be able to preview 20 shots from the menu and Ms. Cheezious and Latin Burger will be there to provide you with food.

We can’t wait for Shots Miami to open it’s doors.

[gmap description=”311 N.W. 23rd Street Miami, FL”]311 N.W. 23rd Street Miami, FL[/gmap]

Photo : Shots Miami Twitter


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