The Grind’s Director Speaks Out!!

So The Grind, Miami’s burger battle took place on Saturday night at the Miami Entertainment Complex.

To everyone’s surprise, the event didn’t exactly turn out as expected.

The question everyone seems to have is ‘Why would you have a burger battle event indoors?’

Well The Grind’s director Tony Albelo finally released a statement.

Here is Albelo’s full statement:

Yesterday, we held the inaugural event of The Grind: Miami’s Burger Battle. We spent eight months planning every detail in hopes that patrons and participating restaurants had an amazing experience. We met and hired HVAC contractors, fire equipment specialists, gas [contractors], fire marshals, and building inspectors. The event was well [diagrammed] and planned. As the night progressed we experienced a technical issue with our main air-conditioner. When we realized the issue we scrambled to bring in additional cooling systems and industrial fans to help. We were in constant communication with the fire marshal who decided to stop cooking for a period of 15 minutes to clear the building. The building did not clear quickly enough and the cooking never restarted.

It is our job to create the event and have plans – and backup plans in place. No one could have possibly foreseen an equipment failure. Quite frankly, we’re embarrassed and deeply sorry that you were affected. We know that our apology and desire to make things better may never be enough for the time, money and/or distance you traveled to enjoy The Grind, but know this. We’re deeply sorry and have learned from our mistakes.

Tony Albelo

So what do you think? Did you attend The Grind? We did and we were not happy at all. The burgers were amazing, but besides that The Grind was not enjoyable. We would love to hear from you. Let us know.


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  • Mari
    April 2, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    The event would have been a great success but it wasn’t….unfortunately. Why not hold the event again outdoors? If not you should refund anyone who paid and only got 1 hr of it…also how was the outside not prepared? I loved and stillove the idea. It was not well thought out….the little I tasted was amazing but couldn’t enjoy due to the SMOKE……


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