Top 10 Gifts Foodies Will Love

The holiday season always means presents. And food. Lots and lots of food. So for foodies like us, a combination of these two things equals a very happy person. Sure, electronics are always fun to get and clothes give us reasons to try to look good. But nothing shows how much you appreciate someone like a gift involving what they truly love, and I believe I speak for all of us when I say that this something is food.

Here is a list of 10 presents that most, if not all, foodies will love and be thankful for.

  1. Tervis cups. These cups are customizable insulated glassware that is made in America (U-S-A!!!). They keep drinks hot or cold and you can buy different attachments for them like lids or handles. Being ecologically friendly and having a lifetime warranty does not hurt either. Link
  2. French Press. A French press is a coffee brewing device that can provide you with a delicious cup of coffee in a relatively small amount of time. It is my favorite method of brewing coffee and an inexpensive present for any coffee lover. Link
  3. Mail order food. I personally recommend getting deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago or ice cream from Jeni’s. This is especially a good gift for a person who is missing or longing for food that they do not have access to anymore. Link or Link
  4. Cast iron skillet. If I could have only one pan to cook my meals on, it would be this item. Not only does it make cooking a perfect steak a possibility, you can also use it to deep-fry certain dishes. This is one of those things that they more you use them, the better they get. Link
  5. Food newsletter. Being a foodie means thinking about food all day. Newsletters or magazines are ways to stay informed about the culinary world and are ways to get in your daily dose of food porn. I recommend David Chang’s Lucky Peach. Link
  6. Camera. If you are a foodie, you most likely take pictures of your food, so a good camera seems like a no brainer. Most people use their camera phones for pictures of their meals, but this would take your Instagram to the next level.
  7. Restaurant gift cards. If there is one thing foodies like more than going out to eat, it is going out to eat for free. With this gift, you can make it possible.
  8. Cookbooks. Cookbooks are thoughtful presents even for the person who is not particularly good in the kitchen. Most cookbooks contain stories and information that any foodie would enjoy, and let’s not forget about the beautiful pictures that can be found inside. Link
  9. Alcohol (Beer, moonshine, spirits, wine). No explanation needed. Link
  10. Food processor. If there is one kitchen appliance that I could not live without, it would be my food processor. I use it to chop veggies, make dough, make salad dressings and quick emulsions, and so on. All serious home cooks need one of these. Link

Written by our new contributor, Santiago Cardona.

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