First Taste

Upland Miami : Revisited

Back in 2016, Upland Miami opened it’s doors in the South Pointe neighborhood in South Beach. At first, you might think, not another New York import, but Upland Miami was different.

Upland Miami comes from Chef Justin Smillie and restaurateur Stephen Starr. Upland Miami is a copy of its New York counterpart including the jars of lemon on the wall. Upland is a California meets Italian menu. There is pasta, pizza, a great burger and so much more at Upland.

Upland Miami has been open in Miami for over 2 years now and diners are still flocking to this awesome restaurant.

Upland Miami is located at 49 Collins Avenue and is open for dinner and brunch.

Recently, I got a chance to go back to Upland and revisit items on their ‘Greatest Hits Menu.’ These ‘Greatest Hits’ menu items are still on the menu today and a must when visiting Upland Miami. This is exactly what I would eat at Upland Miami every time I visit. It is the perfect menu in every way and the burger and ice cream are a must for me every time.

Check out the photos below: