First Taste

What is Old Greg’s Pizza?

You probably seen this square pizza taking over social media over the past couple months right? You’ve wondered what and where I can get this pizza right? Well now you can enjoy Old Greg’s Pizza for yourself.

First, let’s get down to what makes Old Greg’s so special. It’s Miami’s first naturally leavened pizza.

The pie Old Greg is known for his OG Pepperoni Pie. It has shredded mozzarella, fresh hand-wrapped local mozzarella, Ezzo Sausage pepperoni, hot honey drizzle on a naturally-leavened dough ????

I got a chance to try this greatness and I can tell you it’s everything you imagine it is and more. It’s so freaking good. You’re going to love it. Trust me!

Old Greg’s Pizza was supposed to kick off it’s pop-up in Miami, but due to the pandemic that has been delayed. For now, Old Greg is putting out pies out of his old house and he’s giving you a chance to try it for yourself.

Well, lucky for you Old Greg’s Pizza has created a lottery system for you. You sign up and if you win, you have a chance to purchase your very own Old Greg’s OG Pizza Pie.

To win a chance to purchase Old Greg’s Pizza for yourself, click here to enter the lottery and follow them on Instagram to see when they pop-up in Miami.

For now, I can just dream of having more Old Greg’s Pizza. It’s that good!