Yo!Sushi Making It’s Way to Miami

Yo!Sushi is making it’s way down to Miami.

You might have not have heard of Yo!Sushi. Yo!Sushi is coming to us from London.

YO!Sushi started the sushi revolution in London in 1997 by introducing the concept of a Japanese “kaiten” sushi bar that gave time-starved, hungry customers instant access to healthy sushi and other Japanese favorites via a conveyor belt traveling 3.1 inches per second that zig-zagged around diners.

Yo!Sushi is already open in Washington D.C. and have plans to open several U.S. locations including one location in Miami.

When visiting London a couple years ago, I did dine at a Yo!Sushi and I could tell you its pretty darn good and cool too.

No word yet where Yo!Sushi will be located in Miami, but we will keep you up-to-date.




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